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Extended introduction, PV, and some requests >.>

Hey everyone, I figured I might as well make a slightly better introduction than in my one previous comment. I'm a big fan of J-hip hop/rap, and my favorite groups are Kick the Can Crew, m-flo, SOUL'd Out, and Dragon Ash (if I recall correctly, I think I discovered J-hip hop through DA...).

Anyway, I came across a PV I thought you guys might enjoy: SOUL'd Out's "To All Tha Dreamers"!


^ That should hopefully work. It's through BitTorrent, and I'll help seed for a little bit when done.

And to finish up... a couple of requests to anyone who can assist. <.< I'm looking for the following:

MC Little's "I Sing, I Say" (either song or video works)
Anything from Nitro Microphone Underground's "NMU" or "Straight from the Underground" albums
Dragon Ash's "Revolater"

If any of you hip folk can help me out, that'd be great. :D
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